Apr 4, 2011


Okay, so I have a girlfriend lol.

And well she enjoys when I tell stories to her while we're going to bed. Today I told her a story about a flower:

Once upon a time there was a little flower that was blooming, it was a very beautiful and very rare flower but it was blooming in a weird and isolated place. One day a boy was crossing this isolated place and saw the flower, he came closer to it and noticed the flower was getting dry. He couldn't leave such beautiful flower alone this flower needed loved and caring so then, the boy went back to his home and carried a ceramic pot and a mini shovel, he then ran back to the flower and began to carefully dig out the flower, after the flower was out, he put it in the pot and poured some water on it. He went back home and took care of the flower, he couldn't believe how beautiful the flower was and he couldn't understand why the flower was in that place, there was no shade, and no grass around the flower, how could the flower blossom in such place? A couple days passed and the boy had to leave and do some errands, he crossed the isolated place again and this time there was no flower. This he encountered a beautiful girl crouching and staring at the hole where the flower used to be. The girl was wearing a white tank top shirt, she was thin with medium sized breasts, she had bluejeans,, white shoes, aviator sun glasses, and a red brooch in her long brown hair which seemed reddish with the sun. She took off here sun glasses and put them in her shirt, her breasts looked bigger now. The boy began to walk to her, and apparently the girl wasn't aware that there was someone with her, then the boy asked her "Is something wrong?"  with a kind smile, and the girl was emotionless, she replied "Some idiot took my flower." After hearing that the boy got very nervous and began to apologize, he explained to her why he took it, and how terribly sorry he was, the girl understood, and began to apologize as well, she told him that she was glad someone like him took the flower, because that flower was very special to her, it represented her past away mother. The girl then told the boy to sit with her, and she began to tell her story: "My mom was a very beautiful woman, she used to sell flowers in the church everyone in the place knew her and when she was alive this place used to be her garden this sad and isolated place used to be filled with life and joy but now thanks the mean people it is what it is. The flower you took is a very special flower, is the last remnant I have of my mother, my father treasures it, but he's ill now so I have to take care of it. I know my mother wouldn't want us to keep such beautiful flower only to ourselves that's why I planted it here. Next to her body." The boy was touched by the story and he asked "How did your mother die?" With a tender smile she said "I can't tell you that story right now." The boy apologized for being so harsh, and told her he was going to get the flower back to her. Then the girl said "Wait, I must tell you why the flower looked sad that day. (The boy seemed surprised he never said the flower was sad) That I couldn't come take care of the flower because my father was hospitalized. I'm telling you this to make sure you know I won't ever miss taking care of my flower unless something extreme happens." The boy knew that. " I came at night but the flower was already gone, I cried all night... and stayed home, the next day I didn't go to school, this flower means a lot to me I want to bring back life and joy to this place, and I want to bring it with that flower. I thank you again for saving my flower." said the girl. The boy took off and came back with the flower and handed it to her then the boy said " You have recovered your flower. And I have just encountered my real flower. You're the most beautiful person on this earth I've ever seen you're full of emotion, you're not afraid to show those emotions, you're full of life, joy, excitement, tenderness, you're simply amazing. Could I be the one to take care of you as you take care of this flower? I want to help you bring back the life and joy to this place. But I want to bring it with you."
Weird fanfic lol. But it came out as a great story to tell for my gf~ yeei obviously I omitted the breast part when I was telling the story to her but anyway~! Hope you enjoyed the story. See ya!


  1. nice blog!


  2. That must have taken a while to say :O And not a bad idea to cut the breasts part lol.

  3. Hahaha, when I was telling the story to her I omitted the dialogs and the background story about her mother, because she wanted it to be fast

  4. Aww you tell her bedtime stories? That's cute! Supporting and following. alphabetalife.blogspot.com

  5. Good on you! How long have you had your GF?


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