Apr 18, 2011


Vive Latino

Okay so I said I was gonna translate my lst note to English so here it is:

So I went to Mexico City a week ago, I wanted to be at Vive Latino. Vive Latino is fest which reunites some of the most influential Hispanic Rock Bands and some underground bands in a single place, it lasts the whole weekend and you're allowed to do almost anything that isn't obscene.

The main show was Caifane's concert. Caifanes is an iconic Mexican Rock Band that dismissed in 1996. They composed some of the best "Rock En tu idioma" songs like "La celula que explota" or "Los Dioses ocultos". Well anyway, so I took a plane to Mexico City and when we arrived we were welcomed with drinks by a friend's cousin, that along with some weed got us in the mood to do some crazy stuff which I don't want to tell lol. That was on friday night or maybe Saturday's morning? Anyway we remained awake until 7 am then we went to sleep and got up at 3 pm or so, I was neurotic because I didn't have a ticket for the fest, so I rushed everyone and some of the guys had already left. We ran to the subway, but in our way there we stopped at some street taco shop, those tacos tastes delightful after eating we arrived to Foro Sol at around 4 pm I began to look for re-sellers but I couldn't find any. When I finally found one he told me he was selling them at 250 dollars, and I only had like 100 dollars, I told him that I had 150 and he refused but he lowered it to 170 I ran to my friends and asked for 70 dollars and went back to the re-seller he told me had already sold the damn ticket so I was about to give up when I heard a guy talking to a girl. He was selling the ticket for only 50 dollars, I rushed and said ILL BUY IT FOR 100 he then gave it to me and as soon as I touched it another guy came and said ILL BUY IT FOR 150 and I said 170!then he said 200! and I was lost in the depression of traveling there unprepared I felt stupid... but as I was walking I saw a lane walking I was wondering why were people doing lane, so I went to the entrance and asked the gateman what's up with the lane he said that the ticket shop was open, I quickly ran to the end of the lane but as I was getting there I saw a lonely lady almost at the entrance and I began to speak with her I offered 5 dollars if she could keep quiet and pretend I was a friend of her and he agreed. We then walked the line, and I got my ticked for only 45 dollars. I was so happy! xDDD Then we waitied for Caifanes, and before Caifanes there was another Rock Band that I love called "Enanitos Verdes". Damn that was the best concert I've ever been to.

I'm sorry for the non-literal translation I'm in a hurry!!! Thanks for reading!!


  1. wow that was lucky! hope the concerts worth the effort

  2. I had a cousin that went over there! I really miss listening to Mexican rock live. I envy you haha nice post!

  3. this is really good stuff, following


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